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Julian Butler (Russell)

Julian Butler - Oceanos
Magician & Comedian

Julian was a very popular English magician and comedian who played a crucial role by launching and manning the inflatable rigid Zodiac boat with navy diver Gary. After rescuing people from the water they were the two last airlifted to safety.

Julian Butler - Now
Magician & Comedian

Living in Florida with his American wife JJ and their two daughters, Julian is the General Manager of a luxury Palm Beach  condominium. When his busy schedule allows, he still performs his amazing show, combining magic, illusion and comedy.

An experienced cruise ship entertainer, Julian was booked to perform aboard the Oceanos for the South African cruise season. His polished performances, which combined magic, illusion, music and humour were always very popular. Along with a few of the other entertainers, Julian was involved with the rescue from the very beginning, right to the end.

When all available lifeboats had been launched, Julian worked with Moss and Tracy Hills to help the two navy divers who were lowered to the deck by helicopter. As the ship sank ever lower beneath the stormy waves, there was a danger of people slipping from the steeply angled deck into the ocean, and the risk of falling from the helicopter airlift harness into the waves below. On board the Oceanos there was a rigid inflatable boat called a Zodiac, and it was decided to try and launch it so that anyone who fell into the sea could be quickly rescued before the strong current and huge waves swept them away.


Julian guided navy diver Gary Scoular to the boat in the forward open deck area. They launched the Zodiac in extremely difficult and dangerous conditions. Gary, a trained Zodiac operator piloted the boat while Julian was in the bow, ready to rescue people who fell or jumped into the sea. With such rough sea conditions, Julian was bounced around and covered in spray. He and Gary stayed until every one was rescued, and they were the two last people to be airlifted to safety.

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