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When a passenger cruise liner sinks, most people imagine it will be women and children first into the ship's lifeboats, and that the captain and crew will be the last to leave. Onboard the sinking Oceanos this did not happen. Instead, the cruise staff & entertainers suddenly found themselves running the rescue on their own... during a terrible storm... in the middle of the night........

The Oceanos was a Greek cruise liner, sailing the South African coast from Cape Town to Durban, passing Coffee Bay off the Wild Coast, an area known for treacherous currents and ship wrecks. On board were 581 passengers and crew, sailing into a storm which would soon claim another ship.

The Oceanos cruise staff & entertainers ran the successful rescue of every one of the 581 passengers and crew. In the dark they launched the lifeboats and then as dawn broke, they helped the amazing helicopter crews to airlift the last 200 to safety.

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