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Stories Of The Sinking

Each survivor of the Oceanos sinking has their own story to tell.

Here are just a few from some of the entertainers and cruise staff who ran the rescue aboard the sinking ship.

Untrained guitar players, magicians, and cruise staff helped rescue every one of the 581 passengers and crew.

South African born Tracy Hills was a bass guitar player and singer aboard the Oceanos when it sank. Her calm presence helped prevent panic, and with guitarist Moss, she ran the forward helicopter airlift and was one of the last on board.

Moss Hills, born in Zimbabwe, performed with wife Tracy as a guitarist and singer. He helped launch lifeboats, establish radio contact on the bridge and setup and ran the forward helicopter airlift, remaining on board until every passenger was rescued.

Lorraine Betts
TFC Charter Representative

One of the most experienced staff on board, Lorraine was born in Kenya and was the dynamic, forceful head of the entertainment and cruise staff team. She motivated everyone and set in motion the remarkable rescue.

Julian was a very popular magician and comedian. An Englishman, born in Yorkshire, Julian played a crucial role by launching and manning the inflatable rigid Zodiac boat with navy diver Gary, and they were the last two airlifted to safety.

Robin Boltman
Magician and Comedian

Known as Mr. Magish, South African born Robin was a  magician and hilarious comic. Robin remained on the ship's bridge to the very end to keep in radio contact with shore-based rescue co-ordinators, and was one of the last onboard.

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