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Lorraine Betts

Lorraine Betts - Oceanos
Charter Representative

One of the most experienced staff on board, Kenyan born Lorraine was the dynamic, forceful head of the entertainment and cruise staff. She motivated everyone and set in motion the remarkable rescue of every person on board.

Lorraine Betts - Now
Owner - Ship To Shore

In 1991, Lorraine founded her first on-board retail company and over the past two decades has used her extensive expedition experience and knowledge to outfit expedition cruise staff, deck crew and passengers with destination-specific gear.

Lorraine Betts was on board the Oceanos as the Cruise Director & representative of TFC, a South African cruise company that had chartered the Oceanos from  the Greek company Epirotki Lines. Lorraine was in charge of managing all of the entertainment and cruise staff, including the musicians, singers, dancers, hosts and hostesses.

When things started going wrong aboard the Oceanos, Lorraine was in contact with Captain Avranas to try and find out what was happening. When it was clear that the ship's emergency procedures were not being followed, she held everything together and motivated her entertainment and cruise staff to use their initiative to save the passengers and themselves.

Lorraine Betts sprinting across the steeply angled aft deck.

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