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Oceanos Entertainment Staff

Moss and Tracy Hills took a few photos of Oceanos entertainment staff during the sinking and rescue. If you were an entertainer on board the Oceanos please send us your name, your story and your photos -

Moss Hills (right) speaking to other members of the entertainment staff.



Oceanos entertainers from the Carlo Spetto dance group


Oceanos entertainment staff included cruise hosts and hostesses, musicians, dancers and magicians. During the Oceanos sinking, all were wearing life-jackets, and still wearing smiles

......that's entertainment.



With the Oceanos sinking, Terry Lester - aka Terrence Farrell (left) and Tom Hine (right), became part of the entertainment team who helped run the rescue.

... and still they think all the world's a stage.

Two of the funniest, most lovable entertainers on any cruise ship, anywhere.

Both now deceased but never fogotten.

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