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In between all the chaos and confusion of the Oceanos sinking, Moss and Tracy and Hills managed to take a few photos of passengers during the early stages of the sinking.

If you can identify anyone in the photos, or if you are in the picture but would prefer to be excluded, please let us know. If you were a passenger on the Oceanos please send your name, your story and your photos for inclusion.

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Oceanos passengers in the Four Seasons lounge. Everyone wearing life-jackets and waiting in the dark for instructions from the captain or any Oceanos officers... but no announcements were made over the public address system. Eventually the entertainment staff, under Lorraine Betts the cruise director, began to take control.

(The camera flash lights the foreground, but the lounge was only dimly lit by emergency lights.) 

Nothing to do but huddle together and wait.

Derek Walker

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