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Robin Boltman

Robin Boltman - Oceanos
Magician and Comedian

South African Robin was a magician and hilarious comic known as Mr. Magish. He remained on the bridge to the end, and kept radio contact with shore-based rescue co-ordinators, released the Captain's canary and amused us with his one-liners.

Robin Boltman - Now
Magician and Comedian

A born entertainer with an infectious sense of humour, Robin still performs his hilarious magic show. He has also run a number of pubs where his charm, wit and fun loving personality are a perfect combination behind the bar.

One of two magicians on board the Oceanos, Robin was well known in South Africa as a very talented magician who combined magic and humour into a hilarious act. He was a favourite with cruise ship passengers, keeping them entertained and amused both on and off stage.

When the Oceanos was being battered by the storm and it became obvious that something was terribly wrong, Robin joined musicians Moss and Tracy Hills in the lounge where they tried to keep everyone calm by playing music and singing. When the ship lost all power, the lounge was in darkness, except for very dull battery powered emergency lights. Then Robin and the small group of entertainers started to organise the launch of the lifeboats.

After all available lifeboats were launched, Lorraine, Robin and a few of the entertainers made their way to the bridge and they discovered that it had been abandoned. They managed to establish radio contact with the shore-side rescue coordinators who dispatched helicopters to the sinking ship. When the helicopters arrived, musicians Moss and Tracy Hills, and magician Julian Butler left the bridge to help set up the helicopter airlift. Robin remained on the bridge, keeping in radio contact, and while he was there he saw the Captain's canary, still in its cage. He released the canary, allowing it the chance to fly free instead of being trapped as the ship went under.

Robin remained on the bridge until the ship started to go down in the bow. Then he joined Moss and Tracy and the last twelve passengers as they made their way to the aft deck. Moss and Tracy, and finally Robin, were the last entertainers to be airlifted from the ship, shortly before its final nose dive under the waves forever.

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